Get paid for sharing things

The economy of shared consumption is taking care of the planet while earning additional income
We live in the age of consumption. Store shelves are breaking from excess goods. People are buying more and more things to make their lives more comfortable. What are we left with?

This modern unspoken religion achieves its purpose well, to move funds from the poor to the rich.
A world drowned in garbage

Uncontrolled production and unhinged consumption created giant garbage heaps, even continents entirely of trash.
Sharing things is one of the ways to save our planet
When we think about consuming rationally, we take care of our future. Less produced items = less trash. Our children and grandchildren deserve to remain on a liveable planet. Sharing with Rentmania can help us with that.

What things do people rent?

Sports goods
Bicycles, skateboards, skis and treadmills, rolling skates, snowboards, dumbells, fingerboards, jumpers, elliptic exercise equipment, stands, barbells
Everything for tourism
Tents, tourist carpets, sleeping bags, tubes, backpacks, boats, radios, spinnings, flashlights, mini-fridges, metal detectors, batteries, inflatable mattresses, bags.
Evening and wedding gowns, smoking suits, purses, hats, carnival costumes, accessories and jewelry
Home and garden
Drills, screwdrivers, jigsaws, lawnmowers, measuring and welding equipment, chainsaws, grills, smokehouses, inflatable pools, mobile baths, bio toilets.
Game consoles, photo- and videocameras, GoPro, coffee makers, computers, tablets, projectors, sewing machines, quadrocopters, 3D printers
Kids' items
Baby carriages, beds, clothes, toys, mattresses, child safety seats, radio nannies, playpens, bubble generators, breast pumps, changing stations, swings, kangaroo bags.
RVs, navigators, video registrators, farcops, electro scooters, auto fridges, snowmobiles, mopeds, scooters, quadrocycles
Arts and rest
Guitars, tambourines, hookah, chessboards, harps, synthesizers, DJ stations, guitar boosters, molberts.
And much more
Wheelchairs, health items, belts, bandages, corsets, medical tech

Deals, made in the last 24 hours
The owner's income is displayed with the bank's and Rentmania's commission in mind

How does it work?

Place a listing
Plase your listing for free on our site, set renting cost and held amount
Approve members' requests
Get paid on your bank card
Hand over the item

Our guarantees

We thoroughly vet our renters, place insurance on items, guarantee compensation in case of a loss
Every item is insured for up to 30000 rubles
Security deposits
A security deposit is blocked on the client's card
An online rent contract is signed
Background check
With special tools we check passport data, social media accoutns, phone numbers, bank card numbers
40 000
monthly visitors
11 808
deals done on site
11 200 ₽
median member income
I was gifted the GoPro3 camera, but I only used it a couple times. I found out about Rentmania from my friends and published a listing. Now the camera, which previously did nothing but collect dust, brought me money and new friends :)
Rentmania user for 17 months
I found out about this community from a friend, he leases game consoles on Rentmania for over a year. I decided to try and list my own bicycle and PS4. It opened my mind on how I can, just by sitting on my couch at home, earn additional income.
Rentmania user for 3 months
First thing I tried renting out was a JBL portable speaker. I earned 1500 rub from it in 2 weeks. When I saw that it works, I looked over my things. I ended up listing: a juicer, a tent, rolling skates, and an old laptop. Now I don't work for things, the things work for me. :)
Rentmania user for 2 months
My dad has a huge shack filled with tools in his summer home: drills, saws, tile cutter, thicknesser, welding equipment; but as soon as the summer home was build he's almost never using the tools, so they lie around getting rusty. I found from a coworker that I can rent them out. I earned about 25 000 rubles in 4 months.
Rentmania user for 1 month
Thanks to you I found an awesome mountain bike for my girlfriend, and we spent an unforgettable weekend, riding around all the beautiful sights. All that fun costed me a mere 1200 rubles. Thank you from the buttom of my heart.
Rentmania user for 10 months
For many years I dreamed of a family vacation out of town in an RV. So in the end we selected a model we like, and rented it for May's holidays to go to the Oka river shore. My kids and husband vere happy from the trip. I recommend Rentmania to everyone!
Rentmania user for 4 months

20 000+ are already earning money from sharing their things

Try it out right now
FAQ: frequently asked questions
We're a unique community, our members rent things from one another for friendly costs, with delivery, and often with no held amounts. We offer a platform for rent in a safe environment and extra service - delivery.
Here's a 40-second video.
No longer will you have to overpay and buy "one-time use" things, new or used. Just rent temporarily, to save cost. Or earn money by leasing your own things. It's easy and safe with us.
Can we be trusted?
We have confirmed information about our community memebers. Every renter and owner goes throgh a verification procedure, by inputting data about themselves (details here). Focus on the rating, feedback, and personal statistics of the user - it can help make a reliable choice.
Are there any hidden fees?
No, you rent directly from owners with the prices they have set themselves.
Why do I need to register on the site?
To use all site functions, you must register and create a member profile. This is mandatory.
Whose things are on the site and who are all these people?
All items on our site are provided by our community members. They are either regular people leasing unneeded things, or entrepreneurs involved in rental business.
What can be leased and rented here?
Any movable property: from toasters to RVs. Exceptions are real estate (houses, apartments, etc) and services.
Can I lease my own things here?
Of course! Just register in the community and publish your listings completely free. Accept rental offerigns and safely share your things eith others, to earn a little more money and give your things a second life. You will meet new kindred spirits, and begin to live ecologically and with the times.
How much to publish a listing?
Absolutely free. No hidden fees or bumping costs.
How many listings can I publish?
The number is unlimited.
Who can rent and lease things?
Any capable person over the age of 18, who possesses a Russian Federation citizenship passport and is registered in the RENTMANIA community.
How does RENTMANIA earn money?
The service takes a 20% commission from the sum of each successful rent deal.
Do you hold pledges? Can that be turned off?
Our service tirelessly works on increasing trust, guarantees for members, insurance options, all to reduce the pledge or do away with it entirely for our verified members, yet in some cases it still exists.
What is "safe payment for the deal?"
Safe payment means that the service is insuring you against all possible risks, associated with cash payment. Upon safe payment you won't have to move the pledge around. It's just held on the bank card of the renter and unheld the moment the item is returned.
What if they break or refuse to return the item?
If the deal was made according to all instructions, but the renter cannot be charged for damages, we will compensate you with up to 30 000 rubles.
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